many therapists like to tell you they've worked with this famous person or that famous person. yes, I have worked with a number of famous clients: professional athletes, musicians, TV personalities, dancers, etc. but why is that important? it isn't. what matters to anyone looking for a good massage is the quality of the work they are paying for. a good massage is not predicated on the notoriety of my clientele or how many modalities I've mastered. it has more to do with sensitivity and focus and experience. a deep massage is not necessarily a good massage. Anyone can stick their elbow in your gluts and make you sweat. what makes for good work is knowing what to do and what not to do and when. my approach has always been to listen to my clients, listen to what their mouths and their bodies are telling me and to respect their boundaries. what works for one will not work for another. I am a catalyst for healing and I try to open up the possibility for that to take place. my ultimate goal is to empower my clients, to make them realize that they are in control of their health and well being.